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Careers at DIMOCO Carrier Billing

At DIMOCO you will make an impact. The work you will do will have direct effect on our business and your career.

As one of our employees can enjoy a diverse, interesting, challenging and rewarding working environment, shaped by a bold company who has played a significant role in the international payment and messaging landscape since the year 2000, along with a team of over 170 individuals from 20+ nations across the globe.

Whether in research, development, sales or any other field: we offer space to add your personal note, combined with direct responsibility and ownership of your projects.

Our hiring process is thorough and purposeful. We ensure to recruit the right candidate, assuring that you have a good and holistic understanding of what we do, who we are and our expectations in you, reassuring that we are the right fit for you.

This is your opportunity to be more than an employee

Due to the growing demands of our services, we are currently looking to fill the below listed positions:

Due to the growing demands of our services, we are currently looking to fill the below listed positions:

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Take a glimpse at what makes DIMOCO special to us.

Our DIMOCO peers are full of character. Everybody has his place, every journey has a story. Together we drive innovation and growth.

Dejan (2017)

Working in DIMOCO is so dynamic that you don’t get to have two lookalike days. I really enjoy the decision-making freedom my role comes with. We generally enjoy flat hierarchies within the company and a great cooperation across departments. I personally find it very fascinating and interesting to work with a large array of clients from various countries and industries.  

Kristina (2018)

I’m excited to have an opportunity to work for a company that provides the kind of stimulating learning environment that generates innovation and professional development. We are a family of 150 people from all religions and nationalities working side by side in peace and coexistence. Everyone is encouraged to share the good and bad, question and decisions, and push the company and the market forward. If you are creative, fast, brave and optimistic, you belong with us here at DIMOCO!

Matthias (2013)

I like my role at DIMOCO because I enjoy working with people who appreciate the varied nature of my work. In addition, I also value the trust that is placed in me. This has a positive impact on my motivation and commitment.

Anton (2004)

I am and have been a part of DIMOCO for such a long time due to the relaxed and professional atmosphere that prevails. The company has always put a leap of faith in me, resulting in me playing a significant role in our growth from a small family run business into an international enterprise with global and broad-based accounts. Consequently, I have grown my expertise and am proud to have played my part in shaping today’s industry.

Chiara (2017)

I can rely on my colleagues 100 percent and we put the “Fun” in Finance! There is never any time for boredom, neither at my desk, nor when it comes to our company events. These I very much enjoy, as they are informal, merry and real asset to my overall experience.

Reka (2010)

I thoroughly enjoy our exciting, international and fast-paced industry and my demanding role. Our good working atmosphere is molded by a cool and innovative team that sticks together, gender equality and a modern hardware and office setup. The company honors being a motivated kick-starter, which comes with recognition from the management, linked to the possibility to advance within the DIMOCO group.

Florian (2001)

Over the years, I have seen the company’s development from five to currently 170 employees. There has never been a dull moment, we have always aimes for best results, discovering new paths and I have continuously been able to play an active role in developing new fields of technology in my team, balancing requirements, targets and working independently.

Holger (2012)

Previously I have had jobs that where positions at companies, nothing more. What makes the difference at DIMOCO is that everybody knows everybody, I enjoy the friendly and personal working environment, a little chat or joke in between meetings, which is the icing on my corporate cake.

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Depending on your qualifications and experience, we offer a diverse range of possibilities.

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Cornelia Wallner

Manager, Human Resources
DIMOCO Corporate Headquarters 

Tel: +43 1 33 66 888-2574
 E-mail: career@dimoco.eu

Cornelia Wallner

Manager, Human Resources
DIMOCO Corporate Headquarters 

Tel: +43 1 33 66 888-2574
 E-mail: career@dimoco.eu